Finding Peace When Things Are Falling Apart

A friend of mine recently asked me about how I find peace in my world when things are falling apart.  After writing my response to her, I realized that you guys might appreciate reading it too.  Here it is…

When I have a lot of breakdown happening, I just remind myself that it’s “breakdown before breakthrough” and instead of looking at what I’m losing, I start looking at the spaces that are being created and imagining what great manifestations may be coming in to fill the spaces the universe has so kindly created in my world. (After all, if my life is too full, there’s no room for anything new and cool to come in.)

Sadly, I often find for me that those times when I have been most desperately feeling the need to be close to people are the same times that the universe has left me sitting alone in my house. I believe that the purpose of these moments was to show me that while I may desperately desire someone to be with me, I don’t need them.

In fact, if I allow myself to be still and to sink past the panic that I am feeling in those moments, I find the peace lying in wait, quietly, patiently waiting for me to notice it. The key, I have found, is not that I have to find peace. The key is for me to stop running from it and thinking that I lost it in the first place.


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