The Pitfalls of Manifesting

Ever since The Secret exploded onto the scene talking about the Law of Attraction, everyone is talking about manifesting.  If you’ve ever done any major manifesting work in your life, you know that sometimes there’s a block that keeps you from getting where you’re going.  You can work really hard manifesting and still, nothing happens. Well, when you finally do figure out what the block is and you remove it, something magical happens.  All of the things that you had been manifesting so hard for so long come crashing in on your head all at once.  It’s wonderful, it’s amazing – it’s exhausting!

When I work on manifesting with my clients, I often find that there is this strange thing that tends to happen.  We will set about manifesting what they want and then, just as things are really starting to show up, they shut down the process.  There’s something a little intimidating about getting everything they ever wanted.  Something a little troubling about realizing how powerful they really are and they shut it down so that they don’t have to think about it.  I’ve seen this pattern over and over again.

Which is why it’s a bit embarrassing that I’ve had this problem too recently.  I finally got out of my own way about 6 months ago and the manifestations that I had been putting out for the last three years have started to roll in.  Immediately, my cash flow improved dramatically.  Things are moving so quickly I can barely breathe!  But I keep reminding myself not to put the brakes on.  These are opportunities I sweated for in the last three years.  It’s all the stuff I worked so hard at manifesting finally coming to fruition.  OK – a little too much “all at once” for my taste, but they’re my opportunities – and like any opportunity, if I don’t take it, it might not come around again.

So I find myself on the express train.  It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s scary.  The good thing for me is that I know that there’s only about half of a vibration difference between fear and excitement, so when I get overwhelmed with the fear, I just decide it’s excitement and I hoot and holler a bit to let off the steam.

What are you manifesting and how are you letting fear stand in your way?


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