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Finding Peace When Things Are Falling Apart

By Kelle Sparta | July 6, 2009

A friend of mine recently asked me about how I find peace in my world when things are falling apart.  After writing my response to her, I realized that you guys might appreciate reading it too.  Here it is… When I have a lot of breakdown happening, I just remind myself that it’s “breakdown before […]

Walkabout 2002 – You Want Me To Do WHAT?!!? – Shamanic Initiation

By Kelle Sparta | July 2, 2013

Spirit Has Lost Its Mind Ever since I first asked to be on my spiritual path during a grail ritual performed at 3:00 am with 20 people in 1998 – this thought has gone through my mind on a regular basis.  “You want me to do WHAT?!!?” I have asked the question over and over again […]

Magick Comes With A Price?

By Kelle Sparta | August 29, 2019

I watch a lot of movies and television about magick.  What can I say?  I’m a sci fi/fantasy chick. But there’s this theme that “magick comes with a price” and I’ve always hated the way that was portrayed because it’s not the way I’ve experienced it. This article from John Beckett on Patheos does a […]


Kelle is a very powerful presence that allows your deepest wounds to emerge and be released. Her shamanic work is AMAZING and truly a precious gift. I know that her work has shifted me in ways that I have experienced with no one else. If you want to experience a BIG SHIFT of your deepest wounds, I strongly recommend that you work with her.

Daniel John Hanneman
The Blockbuster
Master Healer
Academy of Invincible Healers

Kelle Sparta is a real, honest-to-goodness guru. Her program is a no-nonsense step-by-step spiritual guide to help you get rid of the old and create the new life you want. No whining allowed – just thought, work, and results. If you’re ready to have the life of your dreams, this program is the ticket.

Chellie Campbell
Author of:
The Wealthy Spirit
From Zero To Zillionaire
From Worry to Wealthy

Lisa Marie Selow

Working with Kelle rocks! I had too many a-ha moments to even count. The most amazing gift I received was being reminded about what really matters, the underpinning of my world, which will help me make my passions a priority in my daily life. Kelle is not just a coach, but a powerfully loving and fully present healer that helps you to really transform, making lasting changes in your life.

Lisa Marie Selow
Author of: A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide: Healing Your Spirit with Positive Rebellion

Kelle is more than a coach, more than a leader, more than a teacher. She does something that is brilliant beyond explanation… She’s bright, deeply intuitive, intensely capable, and genius…she will peer into your soul, grasp the core of your passion with the utmost grace, and hold you like a mother while you watch with awe as she dusts it off and polishes it into the magnificent masterpiece you always suspected it was but were afraid to believe. Kelle believes you into success. If she is near you and has her arms out, go for the full embrace. You will be forever grateful that you did.

Oceana LeBlanc
Goddess Oceana

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